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If you’re looking for custom metal garage, you’ve come to the right place! The expert metal building specialists at Absolute Buildings have decades of combined experience in the metal building industry, so we know exactly the right answer to any question that might come up while you’re researching metal building information. 

We measure buildings by the measurements of: width x length x height.

For example, a 24′ x 26′ x 8′ metal garage base frame size is 24′ x 25′ x 8′. Note that the measurements stated are the dimensions of the roof metal. It has a 6-inch overhang on each end so the bottom base rail frame is one foot shorter than the roof. The width is measured from the outside of the base rail to the outside of the other base rail.

A residential garage  is a walled, roofed structure for storing a vehicle or vehicles that may be part of or attached to a home ("attached garage"), or a separate outbuilding or  ("detached garage"). Residential garages typically have space for one or two , although three-car garages are used. When a garage is attached to a house, the garage typically has an entry door into the house. Garages normally have a wide which can be raised to permit the entry and exit of a vehicle, and then closed to secure the vehicle. A garage protects a vehicle from precipitation, and, if it is equipped with a locking garage door, it also protects the vehicle(s) from theft and vandalism. Garages are also used for a variety of projects including painting, woodworking and assembling of projects. Learn More about Residential Garges